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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Collection Update: Cel Gallery Update

We recently had the chance to add some more niece piece to our cel collection and we're thrilled to share them.

First up Toon Makers Sailor Moon cel:

This features the alternate universe Sailor Moon in what we can only assume is some version of Moon Tiara action. There's several intersting costume changes from the real Sailor moon we all know and love like the extra tired sleeves, the higher necked bodices, the pink accent color and of course her hair style.  Even more interesting is that on one of her sketches, her vaguely moon shaped broach is a rose instead. Both the sketches can be viewed in our cel gallery. I think anyone who's a Sailor moon fan is happy that the Toon Makers version of Sailor Moon never made it past the pilot stage. However as collectors who love cels and getting some of the weirdest Sailor Moon merchandise we can this cel is an exciting find.

Next is Jajuka from the Escaflowne movie:

The escaflowne movie has redesigned characters as opposed to the anime and we personally prefer them, though honestly we're pretty happy with just about anything Nobuteru Yuki does character designs for and he did both movie and TV series. In any case we've been looking for some nice cels from the movie for some time, our search has mostly been focuse on Allen but with Jen's cat collecting habits Jajuka isn't surprising. This cel has really great art, from the movement in his hair, to his piercing eyes, and even the blood spray, it's all beautiful.

Next Vampire Princess Miyu OVA Miyu:

This is beautiful shot of Miyu from one of the OVAs we actually spotted this shot when we last watched them a few months back, but then promptly forgot which one it's from. Really gorgeous art here though the little details make this really special like the two small strands of hair framing the side of her face, her individual eyelashes and the slight dip in her Kimono, Such a lovely piece we're pleased to have added to our collection

Finally Kohaku from the Wish Music Video:

We both really liked the Wish Manga and are sad that it never got it's own anime. At least we got a cute music video to collect cels from, unfortunately as there is only a short music video cels are very rare. We've been after a nice cel of adult Kohaku for a long time and when this one popped up we didn't hesitate to buy it immediately.She's loks so beautiful and serene here right before she opens her hands to Suichiro. We're very happy to have it in our collection.

Those are our favorites among our most recent additions, but we have a few more new pieces in our cel gallery. We hope you enjoy looking at them at much as we do :)


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  1. Hi, I have 2 cels from Vampire Miyu OVA that I want to sell, would that interests you ?



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