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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Collection Update: NES Friday the Thirteenth Jason Action Figure Comic Con 2013 Exclusive

 If you've read our blog before it's probably obvious that our regular writers enjoy the NES Friday the 13th game, perhaps more than just about anyone else. We've reviewed the game and it's hack September the 27th and play them on a fairly regular basis. So when we heard the announcement that Neca was making a specialty Jason figure based on the NES release, delightfully inaccurate color palette intact,  we were naturally insanely excited. Unfortunately we're pretty far away from California, and couldn't really justify a trip there for a single awesome action figure (Naturally there are other things at Comic Con that would be awesome too but that's irrelevant to this story) Luckily Richard has an acquaintance that was going and was willing to pick them up for us. So a few days after Comic Con this handsome guy arrived in MN:

Obviously this isn't strictly a new collection addition since we've had him since August, but he's seasonally appropriate and certainly a cool rarity. Neca really did a fantastic job with this figure from a fangirl point of view. First up we've got the box:

I really like the NECA seal of quality

 The front of the box is a  pretty fantastic replica of the Original NES box with some obvious changes like the Comic Con logo, and replacing the Nintendo seal of quality.

The back of the box:

The back is less accurate to the game box than the front, but still extols Jason's many virtues. Since this is a collector's figure this also has a snazzy viewing window and inner flap:

That text should be on a stark black background but I enjoy the 8-bit cabin
 This is one of my favorite display boxes for any figure, the cabin background and on screen display graphics are just aces. Though you're not fooling anyone Neca, we know that's Mark. Also, while I feel that the "You and your friends are dead." text really belongs on the appropriate stark black background so you can really channel the nostalgic feelings of failure most of us associate with this game. The lake cabin is very visual appealing. But this is a figure not a box so we should explore what's in this fantastic packaging.

Here's Jason:

 Jason comes packaged with his trademark extra large machete and an axe, both of which glow in the dark for extra fun. I'm a little upset about the axe, in the game the axe is very short and looks more like a hairbrush. I would have much preferred the hair brush axe or just a tiny hair brush, that would have been ideal actually. His mask also glows in the dark (as do his feet and hands) and is removable:

Jason with all his accessories.

He never takes his mask off in game, but since Neca based this figure on their Friday the 13th part III figure they just used the same face. Here's a comparison shot*:

So now we know Jason looks cool, but what about the action portion of his action figure status, you may ask? Well he doesn't have a lot of points of articulation but he gets the job done but he's a pretty good poser we took a few shots with him and our other action figures:

Falling asleep while on Special ops at Camp Crystal lake was a bad idea Snake

The power of love and Justice is no match for the power of vengeful fury

Overall NES Jason is pretty cool. Sure he's basically a clone of Neca's Jason from Friday the 13th part III with glow in the dark parts, and a very purplish blue color scheme, but that color scheme matters when you love the NES game like we do.


*Friday the13th III Jason figure image from

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