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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shop Spotlight: Pokemon Collectibles

 Pokemon is probably one of the most popular anime and game franchise ever and as such there's an absolutely mind blowing amount of merchandise available. There are 600+ Pokemon now most of which have at least one piece of collectible merchandise available and popular Pokemon like Pikachu have thousands of items available on their own. We don't have anywhere near the millions of items ever made for Pokemon but we do carry hundreds of Pokemon items so we have ton of great collectibles available all times. These are some of our in stock favorites.

This Pokemon Puzzle is a US release by Milton Bradley from 1999, making it 14 years old now. It prominently features Team Rocket's Jesse and James. Puzzle itself is in great shape and is complete. A really fun addition to any Pokemon collection for just $5.

This Pikachu and Pichu bag is promo from the 12th Pokemon Movie. This was a promo bag from coke and is extremely rare! It's never been used and is in fantastic shape! This usable collectable can be yours for $20.

Rare Pokemon Gashapon porcelain dish. This is from a series of tiny doll sized pokemon dish wear. This one has a Spinda on it and though it's got a little wear, it still looks great. This unique collectible is $6

Japanese Minun special Festival UFO plush. This little guy has great embroidered face details and holds and fan and bag.  An adorable addition to your Pokemon collection for $19

We have lots of these small PVC figures by Tomy (which are some our favorite items to collect personally) This Dragonite figure is great example. It can grace your collection for $7.00

This is an official Pokemon Camera with Pikachu on it. This one is not quite as cute as the camera that gives you Pokemon borders on your pictures, but in our experience this one is actually rarer. A unique addition to your collection for $5.

This Pokemon sheet is perfect for it's intended use or as fabric for crafts. It's got a super cute all over pattern of multiple Pokemon and the Pokemon logo. This sheet is in great shape and is $13.

 This is a rare Arbok Bowl Pal. Arbok sits on the edge your bowl supervising your breakfast rituals. This is brand new and sealed, it can be the next piece in your Arbok collection for $8.

This is from the Jakks line of figures from Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. The Jakks  Woobat is complete with stand and is in excellent condition for only $4.50.

 This is just a itsy bitsy teeny tiny amount of the Pokemon we have available at any given time and we currently have at least 100 Pokemon items just waiting to be put into the shop so our selection is always growing and changing! You're sure to find something perfect for you or your Pokemon loving friends.

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