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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Curry Mix

With a show as popular are Sailor Moon there is going to merchandise all over the board including quite a range of food items from candy to canned pasta and a lot of things in between (like the selection of Japanese rice seasoning packets we have in the shop) but this is something a little rarer:

If you can't read Japanese and the picture isn't helpful enough, it's a curry mix.  This is the outerbox and inner pouch containing the actual mixture. This hasn't been used so the pouch is still full of liquid, we're nervous that it'll spring a leak if we feel it up too much so we're not sure if it's just sauce or a full on curry. As it's around 15 years old now we obviously had no intentions of actually trying it, but we do wonder what exactly makes it's sailor moon curry? Is it made of pure hearts and moon dust? Young girl's dreams and Pink Sugar? Rose petals and crushed spell scrolls? I could probably continue making ridiculous guesses but we'll probably never really know what makes it full of moonie goodness. What I can say though is that the art on the packet is super cute, the simplicity of the monochromatic line art is really appealing.

We've only seen this once so it's likely the there aren't still a lot of them floating around intact. So this is rarity as well as an oddity and we're happy to have it (until it explodes one day and covers everything in magical moon curry mix)


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1 comment:

  1. Hello there, I ran into your blog by actually searching for this item. I was excited to see your snaps of the packaging! I owned a pack when I was 13 years old (14 years ago). An internet friend sent it to me (we shared a Sailor Moon geocities fan webpage). Anywho, I can assure you, there was no rose petals. Just typical so-so curry that frightened me as a child due to my horrid pizza/chicken nugget only diet.



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