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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Collection Oddities: Sailor Moon Uranus Mask

 A  few months ago we  talked about  getting the first piece of horrifying Sailor Moon Mask collection, Sailor Pluto. We've recently gotten the opportunity to add another. This time is the Beautiful Sailor Soldier of the Sky, Sailor Uranus.

Uranus fares much better than Pluto, her hair is the right color and cut. In some ways this mask is a disagrace to our collection of creepy character masks because she actually looks rather cute. She's still got soulless empty eye socket but she's also got a cute shy blush on her cheeks, perfectly painted lips (thanks liprod!) and pretty accurate details. She like our Pluto mask is also too small to fit on an adult face which is why we don't have an action shot.

2 Senshi down and 8 more to go... maybe. We're actually not sure how many masks there are as they don't seem to pop up in collections too often, presumably because they're a little too creepy for most people. We like weird though so we'll keep on picking up these odd things as long as we find them and have space for them.


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