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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Collection Update: A Work in Progress Version 2

So last month I posted that we had been spending a lot of time going through our collections and properly organizing/displaying/loving them and while we've been greatly delayed due to some family things that needed attending to we've gotten a lot of work done on our collection room. It still needs a lot of work, but we're getting there.

First up, the doorway, because well, it's a small room so even the doorway needs to be utilized to display stuff.

In this Picture is: A Mario Brothers 2 clock, The Mario Brothers TV tray, The Link Mask, A Mario Transitor Radio, Rare official Nintendo promo pixel graphics,  A vintage (though unofficial) final fantasy 7 poster,  Nintendo Power Backpack with Mario and link (there's also a matching folding inside), Metal Gear 2 complete set of McFarlane figures, Kyo plush from Fruits basket, a unicorn puffkin, Some random unicorns plushies, a stuffed octopus and Matel Legend figure set of Matel and Emeraldas. Off to the left side you can see the first shelf which I'll be describing next.

Now on to the first Shelf MWA HA HA HA!

A LOT more geekery after the jump

In this picture you can see: The Metal gear 2 Mc Farlane figures from earlier, More plush octopi, our Pokemon curtains, The Club Nintendo exclusive History of Link poster, The Twilight Princess Sword and Shield replica,  the super rare and crazy Nintendo Shower Power Shower head, The NES GBA Classic Series Standee which Plays little melodies from Mario, Zelda, and donkey Kong, Mario Christmas ornaments,  Ocarina of time Zelda figures, 2 sets of Mario band aids (one new set  set and one vintage), 2 figures of Raziel from Soul Reaver, a Mario Mushroom coin bank, some Kirby toys, a Lego magikarp from a Japanese kit, a Resident Evil 5 Sand globe (like a snow globe, but with sand). There's probably stuff I forgot to mention, and that's just the top shelf.

On the Second Shelf we have a little tired figure holder (IE a plastic tiered spice rack) on the first tier are Stars wars action figures. Mostly of Tusken raiders and Darth Maul and Darth Vader, there's a Jango fett and Salve Lei hiding in there as well as a few Landos. Second Tier has diecast X-men and Street fighter figures as well as a few gashapons from fighting games. 3rd tier has more gaming figures, 2 PVC pacman figures, 2 windup pacman ghosts, 3 gashapons from Disgaea, and 2 doom pewter figures. You can't see the stuff on the third tier terribly well because in front of it are figures from Thunder cats and Star Trek The next generation, with a belldandy mixed in for fun.  Off to the side are Godzilla, a Pacman mug, and some random plushies. Next shelf down has a standee for Growlanser Generations, a Metal Gear Solid variant figure of Psycho Mantis, and  two vintage Punch Out!! toys in the back. In front of that are fighting game figures. Mostly Street Fighter, with an emphasis on Chun Li, But there are several from Soul Calibur, and Tekken as well. Below that are our Boxed N64 games with vintage Trophy figures sitting in front of them. Below that half our Sega Genesis games. Handing from the side are official Nintendo Promo Cameras, one pokemon camera, a Pikachu ornament and a vintage plastic Thundercats wind sock hanging of the other side is a Vega from Street Fighter UFO catcher doll. Off to the right you can see the second shelf which I'm coming to next.

Two! Two Shelves! AH AH AH AHHH! *Like the Sesame Street Count*

In this picture you can see: All of the Club Nintendo History of Link Poster, A Framed Sailor Moon Cel, a Fable Promo Lenticular poster (the reflection changes, to good evil or neutral depending on where you're standing) and the top part of a Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door Floor Standee. The top Shelf has another tiered stand on it, the top tier is mostly Pokemon, but there's also a full retail set of Vintage Nintendo enamel pins on their back board, and a Mario galaxy Promo Coin, Next tier down is more Pokemon and a few monster rancher figures, third tier is final fantasy coke figures, in front of those a bunch of Nintendo figures, mostly Mario. Off to the side is a Mario Kart Phone, a Mario Puppet Cooler, A Mario Dixie Cup Holder with a full set of Mario paper cups. Next shelf down in Card  Captor Sakura dolls, and a few Magic Knights things thrown in for good measure. Behind them is the CLAMP Campus detectives VHS boxset and a full set of CLAMP no Kiseki in the Japanese file box. Next  Shelf down has another tiered shelf, top tier has video game themed collector cars and a figure from DOA we need to move with the other fighting game figures. Second tier is all Mario 8-bit bottle caps, 3rd tier is a mix of new and old Mario brothers toys/figure. Off to the side are one large vintage Mario doll and several assorted Pokemon plush. Next shelf down has the CLAMP no Kiseki Chess set, next to it Nintendo Wall paper and 2 Kero Chan Plush. Just below that you can barley see the pony shelf which currently has them haphazardly thrown on there in a box. Hanging from that shelf are some Star Wars figures in package, a parachuting Mario figure, a Mario UFO catcher, and Winnie the Wario. Off to the side you can see a hint of a metal gear poster, Also the Yellow thing next to the shelf is a wicker whale he hold controllers and other accessories while we aren't using them.

The Poster currently hanging in our collection room, Metal gear 2 Pull out from a start guide, framed with a promo marquee for MGS3, Castlevania Chronicles, Japanese Promo Poster, Zelda Twilight Princess Club Nintendo exclusive, framed with promo marquee from the 4 swords. Also in this picture more of the Paper Mario Standee, A princess of Ireland Barbie, Rob the robot, some Garfield plushies on top of a CD holder filled with Dreamcast and Japanese Saturn games. On the table is part of a penguin bowling set and some care bears nesting dolls. You can also see part of our couch with nerdy linens. We're hoping to replace it with a daybed soon. As this room is also our guest room. If you ever have a occasion to stay with us and don't want to hang out on the couch, you'll get to hang out in here basking in the rays of extreme geekery.

Next up Bulletin Boards display our collection of small flat or almost flat items. I'm not going to bother listing everything on these, it's just too much. Additionally for the record, those things aren't being pieced by the tacks, just held in place with pressure.
The Sailor Moon boards need to be actually nailed up they're currently just resting there (the room has a high chair rail) off to the side you can see the TV Shelf/Sailor Moon collection. Which I'll get to next.

In this picture you can see: On the Top shelf, The Moon house (currently in need of repair), Japanese Toy's R Us exclusive PGSM black haired Usagi set, the magic mirror, the playdia game with wand, a musical crisis locket, a Moon cycle, an Italian doll with play vanity in the box, Dancing serenity Italian doll, a bunch of US and Japanese 6 inch dolls in the moon house, and the inner senshi petit soldier figures. On the second shelf there's a  bunch of stuff I'm too lazy to list right now including a bunch of  Japanese dolls a couple european dolls, some 17" inch US dolls, a Stars mini computer, the Pizza Bike and Pizza parlor, the Light up vanity, a moving music jewelry box, a play a sound book, a lunch bag, Luna and Artemis US plushies. Hanging from the  shelf is a furoku bag with Usagi as a Mermaid holding korean SM wrapping paper, an inflatable moon doll, a StarS inner tube, a couple of keychain figures and a keychain fan. I Know I'm missing stuff, but I'm getting lazy at this point in the entry ;-_- Below all that moon stuff is our secondary TV, a tomb raider figure and some of our vintage game systems, hanging off that shelf is a light phoenix wright keychain and a shelf below that totally invisible in this picture is my collection of board games based on video games.

Most of the titles are pretty easy to read so I'm only going to list the hard to see ones at the top of the stack,  Donkey Kong card game, Nintendo Uno, Mari party Card game, Mario educational card game, the crooked stack not in boxes is the Coleco Quiz Wiz and several trivia books for it.

And last but not least, more Sailor moon dolls:

Top of the shelf has some random stuff on it including the Pancake/omelet maker, a Sailor Annie Knock Off, Bootleg Diana coin purse, A Nakyoshi Luna Pencil case and a sitting sailor moon UFO. The rest of the shelf is almost all Irwin 11.5" dolls both the 2000 and 1995 versions. The exceptions being the German Queen Beryl and Japanese Chibiusa doll. There's also a "custom" super sailor moon, we dressed a Serena doll in an Ugly face Super Sailor Moon Fuku. The only Irwin dolls from this set we're missing are Prince Diamond and old style Neptune doll. If you know where we can find them(preferably out of box) let us know! fun fact, this shelf was $4 at the thrift store! I have no idea what it was originally supposed to hold but it's perfect for 11.5" dolls. We actually have he accessories for all the pretty face dolls and most of the others, but have been too lazy to put them with the dolls.

As I said in the beginning it's quite a work in progress. A lot of stuff still needs to be properly organized and/or put out. But we're a lot closer to having a lot of our collection in one space where we can enjoy it regularly. :)

Of course that's still not nearly all of our collections,  there are figures games, books and DVDs spread throughout the house. :)


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