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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Collection Update: A Work in Progress

Haven't done a collection update (or much of anything else in a long while. Mostly because we've been pulling our old geeky stuff out of storage and sorting through it. It's a work in progress.

So far it's gone from making things that look like this:


Into things that look more like this:

 This is a large portion of our sailor moon collection. Though still not all of it.Of particular interest to other collectors is probably the Moon House, Our full set of Irwin pretty face dolls including super moon and Saturn, The lovely German Queen Beryl, Dancing Princess Serenity, Dream Pocket Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eternal Sailor Moon, A super rare Furoku bag of Usagi as Mermaid (currently holding sailor moon wrapping paper), and a music playing crisis locket. We've got a whole host of other stuff including some really weird things including a inflatable ring, a travel toothbrush set and an omelet maker. But if I cataloged it all I could be here for hours (and that's still not all of it).
And into things that look like this:

This is much more multifandom, but with a heavy emphasis on vintage Mario. Of particular interest in this picture is probably: The rare 1-up mushroom Japanese coin bank, The Mario Kart Phone, The Mario Puppet Cooler, an almost complete set of Japanese Pepsi Mario Brothers caps, and naturally more sailor moon stuff (it's everywhere!) including a materials artbook.  In addition that that there's a bunch of diecast X-men figures, some sonic the hedgehog stuff, more Pokemon than you can shake a stick and other geeky stuff we like(which is a lot).

And to a slightly Lesser extent, we've been making things that look like This:

We clearly can't be allowed to have figures. I mean sure it's hilarious that Picard and Warf are sharing a dance in front of a video game convention. But things are clearly gonna turn ugly as soon as Godzilla tries to cut in for the next dance. And you can't see it in that picture, but a little ways away Dr. Crusher has Stolen Epona and the master Sword, which can't be good for Hyrule.

Like I said before, it's been a work in progress. We've gone through 9 bins of our stuff, and there's still some more we haven't touched. So it's going to be awhile, but we're both looking forward to proudly displaying our years of wasted money, awesome collections of nerdy stuff.

Oh and by the way, the room that houses our collection is also our guest room. So if you ever have occasion to visit, you know what you're in for. ;)


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