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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Red Cross Charity Auctions for Haiti!

First a quick note to say the laptop is back so it should be business as usual soon. So expect more reviews, collection updates, store updates and oddities.

On to the matter at hand, by now every know about the terrible tragic earthquake in Haiti. Jen and I are regular donors to a variety of charities* and in most ordinarily we would have been happy to give as much as we were able to help the relief efforts for this tragedy. However, right now we're not in a solid spot financially Jen just switched jobs and is making much less than she was before so we can't really do that. However, we aren't letting that deter us, we still want to help so we started several charity auctions. We don't have cash, but we definitely have fun stuff.

Our auctions are 100% charity auctions. We will make no profit from these at all. We want to help the people of Haiti, not make money so we're asking to you to take a look at our available items and buy something if it catches your fancy, it will be going to a great cause.

Auctions currently include:

A Sailor moon Laptop/Shoulder bag
A lot of 40 Star Wars Miniatures
A Vintage Mario and Zelda Lunchbox
An Original Animation cel from Faeries by Brain Froud

I plan on adding more as I find more things that would be a good fit. (We're trying for a variety of items $10 and up).

If you're in a similar financial situation and are unable to buy anything then I ask that you please pass the word along to someone who may be interested and please visit a site such as to help without spending any money.

Bother ourselves and the people you'll be helping extend our sincerest thanks for reading this and helping out in any way you can.


*I feel compelled to point this out not because I want people to think of us as better people, but just to address some of the negativity around donating I've been hearing lately. We donate to charities normally. We're not just doing in now because we've been "guilted" into giving because the media tells us there's a tragedy. Every day in the world there is a tragedy. As just two people we obviously can not help everyone all the time, but we try to do what we can whether or not anyone "tells us to".

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