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Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Coupon Codes!

(sorry for the deluge of sales related stuff lately, but I want to see this stuff move)

If you use coupon code : BigSale in my bonanazle booth, you'll get a HUGE 40% off until monday only! There are some super great prices to be had. So head on over and get yourself some good deals! Many of these items would make great Christmas gifts!

I really want to clear a lot of the older stock out and get my booth in sync with our main store, which is the reason for the huge discount! However, if you're looking for a lot more variety, The main store has twice as many items and you can use coupon code decembergifts to get 15% off there this month. So If you're looking for rarer items and greater variety you should head there. You can mix and match though. If you make an order through both selling venues for different items you can use both coupon codes and I'll combine the shipping costs!* So you could save a huge amount!


* If you choose to order from both stores you'd have to pay the full shipping cost quoted by bisi, but bonanazle orders have to be hand approved before being charged so I'd adjust the shipping via that invoice to get you the best possible rate!

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