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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cell Gallery Update!

We just updated our collection of cels and sketches in our gallery! As usual I'm just going to post a few highlights;

Buyo from Inuyasha:

I bought this for Jen as an end of semester present. She's not actually to the end of the semester yet, but I gave it to her early as she needed a pick me up. I'll be putting it in her gallery at some point, but I thought it was too good not to put in ours as well.

A very smug faced Usagi from Sailor Moon:

We just couldn't resist Usagi's fantastic facial expression here.

And what we're most excited about, a new section for art from CLAMP's Clover music video:
We've been hoping to see art from this as soon as we saw the video years ago. We feel so lucky to have gotten beautiful sketches and backgrounds. The background and sketch sets were certainly our rarest and most important purchase this year. We're still squeeing with joy over them.


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