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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Store Updates and July's Coupon code

New coupon code! I apologize for it taking me until mid-month to get this up, but due to some internet outages and other things it was a hard month. To make up for the delay, this coupon code will get you a HUGE 25% off any order over $15 :) It's JulyBlog be sure to make good use of it. It shouldn't be too hard as I've been updating lots of things lately.

This months updates are primarily consisting of Video game collectibles.

Including a very rare Promo only Dead or Alive Extreme Gashapon of Kasumi in a special XBOX costume. it was only available to those who pre-orded the game and is very rare these days.

Also of note is a set of 3 Ace combat 5 Promotional patches. These were also only given away when you preordered the game and would not only be grat for a collector, but would be amazing on a flight jacket if you're a fan of the series.

Those are just two highlights, in addition to these and the other video game collectibles we've also managed to get some new manga, DVDs and some sailor moon stuff up so far this month, so go take a peek. We also have a bunch more goodies slated to go up soon as well so keep an eye out for something to use that coupon on!


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