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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Collection update, more thrift finds!

I probably don't have to say this again, but I will, we love thrifting. The majority of things we're interested in adding to our collections is 10 years old or more, which means in the minds of many people, junk. So we're often finding all sorts of tossed out goodies. My favorite find was probably this coleco pac-man mini arcade still in the original box with original price tag. and still working for $5. I'm too lazy to take pictures of it right now, but I assure you it is an awesome thing. We've got all sorts of good stuff over the years that way and maybe if I ever get around to it, I'll post pictures of some of our older collections.

In the meantime, here's what we scored recently at our local thrift stores:

From the upper left hand corner:
Wing commander III PC game Complete in box with all inserts
McFarlane's Dragons series 2 Berserker Clan Dragon NIP though we'll be taking him out and proudly displaying him soon.
Tomb Raider III Lara figure in wet suit, her box is pretty beaten up, but as we haven't decided whether or not we're going to keep her because she's not in her normal outfit.
Two NES Control Pads in fantastic working condition, practically mint and only $1 each!
Odium for the PC
Carmen Sandiego's Think quick
The super Nova of light is Carmen Sandiego's word detective a cereal box game or I'd not have bought it without an original case, but I love Carmen Sandiego games(as I'm sure is obvious from my last retro review) so I had to get it too.
Hard to see, but over the top of the PC games is an Original Mario Brothers Game Watch, it needs a new battery, but looks like it should work just fine once we grab one. Woot!

All that stuff cost us around $25 including tax, but the joy all that useless old junk brings us is truly priceless. :)


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