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Monday, August 26, 2013

Top 10 Nintendo TV Commercials US edition

 I am a long term Nintendo fan girl.This means that from the age of 5 onward, when anything Nintendo related has graced the television I've taken special notice. As such, I'm very familiar with several decades of Nintendo commercials that aired in the US. (not that I haven't taken a few spins a few around youtube and seen quite a few international versions as well) In light of that I feel pretty qualified to present  this list of the top ten Nintendo commercials aired in the USA:

10. Dr. Mario (Witch Doctor version) - NES & Gameboy:

Normally I'd say this commercial was kind of stupid (not to mention pretty inappropriate), but the ridiculous imagery, joke ending, and brief animated appearance of Dr. Mario himself made it pretty memorable.

 9. Mario Brothers - Atari 2600 & 5200

This is the only commercial on this list for a game not on a Nintendo console, but it is a Nintendo game and there weren't Nintendo consoles at the time. It's really quite something. From the poor Mario intimation (though his constant calling for Mario tells us it's probably not supposed to be Mario) to the "special" effects creatures, it seems like an early test run of the Super Mario Brothers Super Show with similar stupidly hilarious results.

8. Kirby's Adventure - NES

 I really dislike most of the voice over in this commercial, BUT I love the various faces of Kirby. What's not to love about Cowboy Kirby and Curly mustache Kirby? In fact while I'm  thinking about it, Dear Nintendo: I respectfully request you give Kirby a Curly mustache, fencing ability and a Cowboy thug toss ability in the next game.

See the rest of the list after the jump.

7. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire - GBA

This is the only Commercial here that isn't really funny. It's a little amusing, but I mostly like the message. I've always been consistently amazed at  in the Pokemon fandom, no matter how ugly, useless or otherwise maligned a given Pokemon is, somebody out there loves and appreciates it. (I for example love Magikarp). I think this commercial does a really good job of conveying that.

6. Mario Party 4 - Gamecube

Nintendo had a good run of these live action costume commercials, and they're all pretty fantastic. This one is not my favorite (as there are a few more on this list) but, seeing the Nintendo mascots acting like the guys from Jackass is pretty darn amusing and certainly worthy of a top ten spot.

5. Mario Golf Toadstool Tour - Gamecube

There are two commercials in this set, they're best enjoyed together, (the other is here) but this one is the funnier of the two. Admittedly I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to walk into that sand trap either.

4. Mario Party 6 - Gamecube

If I could get Bowser to come to my slumber parties I'd  treat him with a little more dignity. The fact that these kids do not is endlessly amusing for me though.

3. Super Smash Brothers - N64

This is the first commercial I remember seeing with the mascot costumes, and arguably the best of them. Certainly the most memorable. It's really genius in it's simplicity. The juxtaposition of skipping happily through the field to randomly beating the living crap out each other while Happy Together plays the whole time. Frankly it's beautiful.

2. Mario Kart Double Dash - Gamecube

 There are lots of reasons I'm happy real life doesn't have occasion to become a game of Mario Kart. When taking a road trip for example, getting hit with a blue shell could really ruin the family vacation. However, I think of all of us would agree that it would be a lot more amusing if it did happen more often (especially if it happened to other people).

1. Punch-Out!! - Wii

This is hands down one of the best commercials ever made. Whoever was responsible for this masterpiece clearly lived and breathed Punch-Out!! As a fan of the NES Punch-Out!!, I was a little on the fence about buying the Wii version until I saw this commercial. It tipped the scales for me. Normally I dislike video game movies, but if there were to be a live action Punch Out!! film done by the people responsible for this commercial I'm pretty sure I'd show up to watch it in the theater on the first day.

Nintendo honestly has had a lot of really good commercials so it was hard to parse through the past 30 years and pick out so few, but I think these ones are truly something special.


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