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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Collection Update: Signed Revolutionary Girl Utena Promo Poster

We haven't done a collection update in awhile basically because we've been so busy with other things we've hardly had time to focus on curating our own collection.  We're still a little time short so this is a single item update, but it's a good one.

A promo poster for the English release of the Revolutionary Girl Utena anime Signed by both  Chiho Saito & Kunihio Ikuhara ( the creator of the show and director of the anime if you don't know) at Animazement in 2000. Utena is Jen's favorite series after Sailor Moon, so it's a pretty exciting  item for her. We've actually had it for about a year, but a local frame sale inspired us to take it out of the closet and frame it.

 We haven't hung it up yet, but soon it will be sharing wall space with this Furoku poster from Newtype 1997. Both will be hanging in our stock room/office, which due to the rarity of most Utena merchandise, contains a tiny tiny amount of Utena stuff for sale. Given the aforementioned lack of readily available Utena merch we're really happy to have such a unique piece in our collection.

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