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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Secret Life of our Sailor Moon Dolls

Have you ever wondered what your dolls are up to while you're at work or sometimes just in the next room? Well I can't speak for all dolls, but with some careful investigation we discovered that our dolls, lead active, interesting lives when they're not posing on a shelf for us. These pictures are the result.

I originally did this as a series of picture posts on twitter, they've been recollected here with a bit of additional info. In case you're wondering why there's no Sailor chibimoon and no Sailor Saturn it's because they're secret lives are so secret, even we don't know about them. (or because we don't have 6inch Japanese dolls of those two) So with that out of the way,

Sailor Mercury is a world renowned Star Wars Model Builder. This AT-AT model is one of her finest accomplishments.

  Sailor Venus is secretly a biker, we caught her on her way back from Sturgis.

Sailor Pluto is an accomplished equestrian, her horse is name Dusty.

 Sailor Mars is a Trekkie and spends her weekends attending Star Trek conventions, this picture marks her fourth meet and greet with Brent Spiner and Patrick Stewart.

Kino Makoto, AKA Sailor Jupiter, loves the movie Akira and started her own yearly convention.

Sailor Neptune uses intense training sessions with close personal friend Godzilla to keep her fighting edge.

Sailor Uranus Trained to be a Bounty Hunter on Spaceship Beebop in case this whole Sailor Senshi thing doesn't work out.

Usagi, AKA Sailor Moon, is really into the organic movement and grows all her own food.

And there you have it, you never know what your dolls might be up to when you're not looking.


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  1. I dunno which one is funnier: Neptune training w/Godzilla or Spike flirting with Uranus.... you can call it Bounty Hunter training, but clearly there's a lot more going on. xDDDD!

  2. Maybe Spike has eyes for Haruka, but he's going to be mighty disappointed when she starts hitting on Faye instead ;)



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