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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Collection update: Zelda stuff straight from Japan

Just last week we got a box containing several months months worth of stuff purchased from Japanese auctions. There were lots of interesting things in it like some hand drawn shikishi and new cels. But what I was the most excited about was a bunch of cool Japanese Legend of Zelda items. Zelda was one of my earliest video game loves and while Mario is better represented in our collections (mostly due to availability) but the legend of Zelda is my favorite series of games so I'm always excited to add new things to my collection. So here's what I got:

Look at all that sweet wonderful Zelda loot. I was a very very happy fangirl the day all this stuff came in. Items in details after the jump

First up we have the Spirit Tracks clearfile:

One side has Link and Zelda the other has the full train map. I wish I'd had this when I was playing the game. It would have been quite useful I imagine.

Next up a Japanese pre-order bonus for Spirit Tracks:

A big green rupee with a feather stylus inside (kind of like the Phantom Hourglass feather stylus Club Nintendo members got) I can't imagine why Nintendo thought that we over here in the US wouldn't want a big green rupee, but they were wrong. I really, really wanted a big green rupee. I wanted it so much I paid a terrible exchange rate price, deputy fees and shipping twice over to get it, that being said it's awesome. I think it would make an awesome cosplay prop if you took the stylus out. Personally, I'm just going to enjoy the novelty of it.

Next up Playing cards in their original slip cases and hard plastic cases:

 I love that the plastic cases say both family computer and Nintendo on them. Little details like that always tickle me. These are still sealed and the nerd me can't bear to open 20 year old sealing so I won't be using them. Also one set has some sort of stamp on the bottom, I don't read very much Japanese so I have no idea what it says, but I'd be very interested to know.

Next a sweet Link to the Past (called the Triforce of the Gods in Japan) Shitajiki(pencilboard):

There's hilarious Engirsh saying and awesome concept art on one side.
The Engirsh says:

The Myth

Long, long time ago. Before a human being come out, the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. One day Gods appeared in this world, and made the orders and creatures with their power. Power of God had the mountains dyed red with fire, so made the ground. Wisdom of God made sciences and magic, and it ordered nature. And Mighty of God with the tender bravery heart created all kind of creatures; crawling in the ground, flying the sky and so on. After the Gods had done in creation and left this world, the left a golden holy triangle cone with the symbol of themselves, that cealled "Triforce". It rules over everything of this world.

(from preface of Genesis)

Somehow I missed that part of Genesis... In any Case the other side has the map from the light world and cool stickers.

I have a heck of an urge to affix those stickers to their proper locations on the map, but once again, my inner nerd can not allow me to screw with mint condition.

Next The Triforce of the Gods/A Link to the past for the Super Famicom complete in the box with all original inserts:

I'm the first to admit I don't need this. I've got the game in English on several platforms, but I wanted this one too. Besides I beat the game once a year, so I know just about everything that's going on/being said without having to actually be able to read it.

Finally, the items I was most excited to receive, a smattering of the "eraser" or Keshi style gashapons:

These feature a myriad of the original Zelda monsters with their booklet concept designs rendered in glorious little 3D packages. I'd been after these for a long time, pretty much from the time I'd heard they existed. But months of searching on Yahoo! Japan was proving fruitless, singles were listed, but I was too cheap to pay deputy service fees on every single figure I saw listed separately. So, I just about died when a few little collections were posted at the same time. Sadly this still isn't a complete set, but I'm a lot closer than I was before. And besides, I have the most important Zelda monster this is, the octorock! I'm pretty keen on Zora too. I liked it when Zora were just big mean head that shot crap at you. Rather than snotty little princesses who can't be bothered to walk their way out of freaking dungeon they walked into.

Maybe someday I'll actually get to adding my scores of weird US Zelda merchandise.


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