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Monday, June 14, 2010

A little Silent Hill with your Sims 3?

 Just a few days ago I was Browsing gaiaonline because I'm a grown woman who still likes to play dress-up (which is a lot less inappropriate than it sounds) and they are running a promotion for the Sims 3 ambitions expansions complete with big banner ads. So  I spotted this one.

Well not actually this one, I forgot to screen shot the entirety of the Gaia one before it was changed with something else. But an ad strikingly similar to this one nevertheless. So can you spot the insidious influence of that quiet little resort town?

How about now? (this one was taken from the original banner I saw which prompted this entry)

Doesn't this young Sims Doctor holding a disturbingly large injection bare a striking resemblance to a Certain Silent Hill physician? A Certain evil, pretty much half responsible for bringing about the torture of  a young girl, the birth of an impure god and twisted "nightmarish delusions come to life" doctor? A Certain Dr. Michael Kaufman?

Here's our good friend Dr. K as he was shown in the first Silent Hill game if you don't recall.  So what's Dr. Kaufman doing running around the Sims' Sunset Valley? Dealing White Claudia? Starting new cults? Just generally being a sleazeball? What? Given that it's the Sims I'm sure you could honestly make him do whatever the heck you wanted.

I have to admit though that looking at more pictures of the promotional Doctor, he looks less like Kaufman and more like a generic doctor (who also happens to be black which Kaufman clearly is not). But I still think it could just be clever disguise and real Dr. Kaufman could be the catalyst  for any untold manner of horror in your Sim town. Though if you just stash some Aglaophotis somewhere in the Sim house and keep those pesky robbers away from it, you should avoid any unwanted demonic possessions or god birthing.


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