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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shop features and Birthday coupon code!

It's new month so it's time for a new coupon code! October is my birthday month. So I'm giving everyone a present. A huge 27% off coupon because I'm turning 27!

The coupon code is: Present

It expires October 31st so you have practically all month to use it.This probably going to be the biggest discount we'll ever offer for an entire month. So if you've been eyeing things up and waiting now is a great time.

I still have a lot of stuff to add to the site, but I managed to get a bunch of Sailor Moon Comics added so if you've got an holes in your collections of single issues comics head on over!

A quick tip for buying comics from us, the shopping cart doesn't calculate shipping for them correctly because of how we have to set them individually. If you want a bunch of comics submit your order, but DO NOT PAY. Send me an email instead and let me know you've submitted an order and I'll reinvoice you for the correct shipping amount even if you bought every comic on the site, the shipping would never be more than $7 and most of the time it's going to be less than $5.

We've got some rare issues like the Super hard to find issue #32 with the gorgeous Sailor Saturn cover. We searched for months to find just this issue for our collection of comics. Because it's so hard to find we have it priced at $10 but it would be $7.30 with the discount!

If Sailor Moon isn't your think a more season appropriate manga would be Uzumaki (and no it doesn't have anything to do with Naruto):

Written by horror master Junji Ito, it tells the story of a young girl living in a town descending into madness and terror. I can't say much else without ruining the plot, but it's a classic. This is just the first volume, but it's got more than enough story to let you know if you want to keep reading. It's got great old school art and solid writing. We own and have read the entire series and can highly suggest it to anyone interested in the genre. (I'll be attempting to write a review of it later this month)

Or if you're not into comics but still after something seasonal how about this fantastic McFarlane Dracula:

The detail in this figure is phenomenal as you'd expect from McFarlane. I'm using the stock image, because he's hard to see in his package, but he does come with the hanging chains, rats and bats. It's hard to imagine in our current vampire crazed, Twilight loving society, but vampires haven't always been sexy and pretty. They were seen as animalastic, bloodthirsty horrifying monsters and Mcfarlane did a fantastic job of depicting it with this figure.

Hope you see something you like. We own our own version of all the items above and they're all awesome, and we give them our highest endorsements! Besides I'd like more birthday money. ;)


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