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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wings of Redemption Spawn (series 32) and June's coupon code

One of my larger collections and one I don't think I've really discussed in this blog before is action figures. I will collect figures from any show/comic/movie/whatever if they're interesting looking. I especially love the super detailed highly articulated figures which means I end up with a lot of Mcfarlane figures, thus a lot of Spawn figures. However, If I tried to collect ALL the mcfarlane figures or even just ALL the spawn figures, I'd be completely broke all the time and have absolutely no space in the house. So, I try to keep some sort of focus, I try to only collect spawn figures with wings and repaints of The Heap. All sorts of other figures sneak in there as well, but those are what my primary McFarlane figure collection consists of and the ones I break out of the box immediately as I want to enjoy them. My latest addition is to my favorite, the wings of redemption series. The wings of redemption figures are based on the cover of issue #77 it shows spawn with a mighty pair of white feather angel wings. The first figure was released in series 21 and has had a couple of subsequent repaints and re-releases. My latest edition is the most recent one from series 34. This one feature a much more dynamic pose than the first, though it does not at all resemble the cover. The detail is the sort I've come to expect from a Mcfarlane figure, I am especially fond of the detail on each individual feather in the outstretched wings. I am however disappointed to note that this would be better called a plastic statute then an action figure. There are only 4 points of articulation none of which are particularly useful for changing the look. I realize I can't expect too much articulation as the pose isn't really intended for it,especially as he rather delicately hovers over the base(not shown in in my pictures) as is. but I really did expect to be able to do a little more with it. Also of note is that this one is much smaller than the other WOR spawns (barring the 3" trading versions). Overall this is gorgeous figure and while not as popular among collectors as the other WOR figures, it is a truly beautiful figure well worth the purchase price. One note though, this figure should be taken out of the package to be truly enjoyed. I've never been one to keep my figures in packages anyway, but I understand collectors wanting to keep everything completely mint. However this one looks like practically nothing in the package, it's well worth breaking the factory sealing for.

Next up, I set up the store coupon code for June: JuneBlog it will get you 17% off any order over $1 :) And I recently updated some fun things to use it on. The most interesting thing is probably A complete import copy of Kirby's Dreamland 2 (which has incredibly adorable box art!). I love that the gameboy and the DS are region free and use that to collect quite a few import titles that are either otherwise available in the states or when I just enjoy the import box art more. We're planning on a mid June vacation so we'll be adding loads more soon to help add to our trip funds so if you don't see something interesting now you might see something interesting next week.

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